30 Feelings

Life is not only about results and achievements. It is a path, a string of moments and beacons of memories, feelings that can constantly be rewound in consciousness and recalled with delight after the passage. We are composed of tastes, smells and their perception, previously experienced sensations and flashbacks. If someone took away our feelings and memory, only the mind would remain, the ability to think and to reason logically, but the basis – history – would be gone. This collection was created after 2020, which will certainly go down in history as a turning point and one of the most difficult for many of us. More than ever, we felt that feelings and memories of our experiences are our greatest wealth. In 2020, we realised that it is very important to be able to maintain a warm pleasant calmness inside and live with this unchanging feeling. The new collection “30 Feelings” is about quiet calm joys in life, about moments that are painfully familiar to everyone while being simple, like a drop of water, about feelings that create a taste for life and its atmosphere.