About Us

Overthesea is an independent designer brand, founded in Kyiv in 2014 by the talented designer Kseniya Kramarenko. Nostalgia for the Black Sea coast, passion for architecture and the spirit of an adventurer married in a distinguishable inflorescence of airy blouses, voluminous ruffles, silk belts and, undoubtedly, feminine dresses.

Principles of ethical manufacturing

Overthesea dresses are delicate translucent flowers that can only be nurtured with incredible tenderness and love. As Simone Weil testifies, it is unbearable to engage in fine art when you do not have enough for a piece of bread. When we talk about ethics, we first of all mean the attitude of people towards each other, undeservedly relegated the industry to the background.

Our seamstresses work fixed hours, truly love their job, and have an atmosphere in their workshop that has nothing to do with exhausting factory work. Overthesea is a brand created by a woman to provide, dress and delight women. In our team, women from 20 years old and up to 65 work closely with each other on equal terms, and positions are distributed in horizontal, rather than vertical relationships. Every other day, someone brings a bowl of blueberries or outlandish tea, and even in the most critical moments for the whole world, we are kept by what we do, what we would like to do. We truly believe that beauty in fashion should reign everywhere — not only inside, but also outside.

Our fabrics

We use exclusively high-quality fabrics. The vast majority of the materials used by Overthesea are natural, and the rest are blended. We prefer fabrics with an extraordinary hand feel, without sacrificing the principles of ethical production.

Overthesea is inspired by the lightweight, flowing fabrics that allow us to create our signature airy silhouettes. We like silk, soft tender chiffons, laces, and satins.

Silk is called «the fabric of emperors» because of its unique quality to enhance and uplift the beauty of the person who wears it. Silk is unique in a way that it exists in constant motion and in a dialogue with its wearer.

Like the waves of the ocean, our fabrics are always moving and never look the same. We believe that the unique range of materials is an essential factor in making customers shop Overthesea boho styles again and again.