About Us

Old tram ticket in your pocket, sea sand at the bottom of a suitcase, pressed tropical flower as a bookmark – tiny souvenirs reminding of your sweetest memories help you easily get carried away to the places where you felt happy and free. Filled with the carefree summer breeze, OVERTHESEA dresses create a similar effect.

Flowing and feminine, OVERTHESEA dresses inspire you to embark on new adventures.
Enjoy the easy-going lifestyle wearing our garments: a couple of dresses in a small suitcase, sandals, a wide-brimmed hat – and you are instantly ready to escape closer to the sea, sand, and the sun.

Even in the city, a delicate touch of chiffon and silk, OVERTHESEA signature swaying frills along with the silhouette flowing from the slightest blow of the wind will always remind you of the summer.

Launched in Ukraine in 2015, OVERTHESEA is a resort wear brand for dreamers and urban gypsies. Whatever the occasion, mood, or destination, OVERTHESEA dresses make you feel like you’re having the time of your life – even at your office desk.


We use only high-quality fabrics. Approximately 70-80% of the materials used by OVERTHESEA are natural, and the rest are blended. We like it when the fabric is pleasant-to-touch, and ethical production is also important. We use Italian and French fabrics, along with the Chinese silks.

We are inspired by the lightweight, flowing fabrics that allow us to create our signature airy silhouettes. We like silk, soft tender chiffons, laces, and satins. Especially, silk.

Silk is called «the fabric of emperors» because of its unique quality to enhance and uplift the beauty of the person who wears it. Silk is unique in a way that it exists in constant motion and in a dialogue with its wearer.

Like the waves of the ocean, our fabrics are always moving and never look the same. We believe that the unique range of materials is an essential factor in making customers shop OVERTHESEA boho styles again and again.